“Because uncertainty has become the rule, and conventional approaches are no longer relevant,


  • We co-construct with the wealth of ecosystems to invent the world of tomorrow.
  • We combine expertises because from diversity and confrontation, clarity is born.
  • We deliver, with our clients, new products and services, from the first idea to its concrete realization.
  • We believe that curiosity, creativity, and pragmaticism are key to taking advantage of uncertainty.
  • In our experience, good ideas are worthless; only action matters.
  • We are proud of our company and we are motivated in our work because commitment is the driver behind every metamorphosis.”
Created in 2011 and co-directed by its founders Muriel Figer and Juliette Soria, Silamir brings together over 100 collaborators and, through its disruptive and innovative methods, accompanies businesses from all sectors.
“Silamir” is inspired from Skidbladnir, a magical ship in nordic mythology. Attracting favorable winds, it navigates over land and sea. It is large enough to transport the gods, but can also magically shrink to fit in your pocket…

The combination of expertises is our strength


  • With Silamir, the boundaries of a traditional enterprise fade away…
  • We advocate the use of open spaces, which stimulate creativity.
  • We understand creativity as a dynamic which is born from the fusion of intuition and action.
  • There is no organizational chart at Silamir, but rather a map of influencers and an operation of internal and external networks.
  • We believe that the Experience stems from the process.
  • We cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset: to always create based on our vision and our resources… and to always find the ingredients to make the magic work!
  • Finally, to challenge ourselves and ensure the highest quality of service, the satisfaction of our clients and our teams is measured once per sprint.

Distinctions & Awards